How to choose wall mounted furnace

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:33:32
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As the heat source of the heating system, the wall mounted furnace bears the role of heating and hot water, which can be said to be the heart of the heating system. But many consumers do not know how to choose the right wall furnace

1、 Power selection of wall mounted furnace

The wall mounted furnaces in line with the national standards on the market are marked with the values of 18kw, 24kw, 28kw and other words on the product nameplate, which is the power of the wall mounted furnace, that is, the rated output power of the wall mounted furnace. Generally speaking, when we choose the power of the wall mounted boiler, we mainly choose it according to the area of the house and the demand of daily hot water consumption.

It is worth mentioning that many consumers often ignore the daily use of hot water when purchasing. Because of the low price and the selection of the wall mounted furnace with the minimum power, the domestic hot water is not enough, so the gain is not worth the loss.

2、 Selection of plate changing machine and casing machine

At present, the wall hanging furnace products on the market can be divided into casing machine (second generation) and plate exchanger (third generation) according to the heat exchange mode. Due to no flow of high-temperature water in the casing machine, when the tap is turned off for a short time under the condition of water pressure or unstable water pressure, the domestic hot water temperature will fluctuate obviously. The primary high-temperature water of the plate exchanger always flows, and the heat exchange is completed by the secondary plate exchanger, which is more stable and comfortable in heating and domestic hot water supply.

In addition, because the water in the main heat exchanger of the casing machine does not flow, the waste heat of the main heat exchanger and the primary high temperature water will continue to heat the domestic hot water in the casing, which is easy to produce scale. With the increase of service time, the scale will become thicker and thicker, which will reduce the heat exchange efficiency and service life of the wall hanging furnace. The tube type wall hanging furnace is generally called the economic model, and its market price is relatively cheap, but its heating performance and comfort can not be compared with the plate type wall hanging furnace, and the follow-up maintenance cost is high, so it has gradually faded out of the mainstream heating market. Therefore, it is recommended to use the third generation and above models when purchasing wall mounted furnaces.

3、 Selection of condensing furnace and standard furnace

Condensing technology is the most advanced energy-saving technology in today's wall hanging furnace industry. In short, condensing wall hanging furnace can recycle waste heat from flue gas during operation.

The exhaust gas temperature of the standard wall hanging furnace is generally above 120 ℃, which makes the water produced by natural gas combustion in the flue gas in the superheated state of water vapor, and with the loss of flue gas from the chimney, so the thermal efficiency of the standard wall hanging furnace can only reach 85% - 93%. The exhaust gas temperature of the condensing wall hanging furnace can be reduced to about 50 ℃, which fully recovers the sensible heat in the flue gas and the condensing latent heat of the steam, that is, it consumes less energy to obtain more heat energy, so that its thermal efficiency can be more than 100%, and the later operation cost is 10 ~ 20% lower than that of the standard wall hanging furnace.

The wall mounted condensing furnace also has more advantages in environmental protection. The condensing furnace adopts the premixed combustion mode, in which the gas and air are mixed in proportion, and the combustion is more sufficient. It not only reduces the energy consumption, but also greatly reduces the emissions of CO, NOx and other harmful gases. In the developed countries of Europe and America, the condensing furnace occupies more than 90% of the market share of wall mounted furnace. In China, the condensing furnace is also favored by the high-end heating market, with an annual growth rate of more than 20% in recent years.

The treatment of scale is different. In order to improve the heat exchange efficiency, the ordinary wall hanging furnace often uses the small size heat exchanger, not only the water pipeline is small, but also the pipeline thickness is compressed to the minimum. However, due to the high hardness of water quality in some areas, the pipeline system is easy to accumulate scale and damage the equipment after being heated. Because of the new mixed heat combustion, the condensing furnace adopts large pipeline water system. Therefore, compared with the traditional wall mounted furnace, there is no need to worry about the scale problem. The design service life of the condensing wall hanging furnace is also longer. Due to the design of the combustion chamber, heat exchanger and other key parts of the standard wall hanging furnace, the water pipeline is small, and the thickness of the pipeline is thin. In addition, the domestic water hardness is high, and the gas has impurities and other factors, it is easy to accumulate scale after heating and damage the equipment. The actual service life is often less than the design life of 15 years. Due to the new mixed heat burner, the pipeline and waterway of the condensing furnace are larger, and the flue gas temperature is much lower than that of the standard boiler, so the service life of the condensing furnace can be as long as 15-20 years.

From a professional point of view, choose the brand of wall hanging furnace: 1. Choose the one with a long history, 2. Choose the one with large scale and strong technical strength, 3. It is better to make the brand of wall hanging furnace more professional.