Originating In The Netherlands Since 1967

Semood covers an area of 28000 square meters and a building area of 36000 square meters. It is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise that produces gas-fired boilers, electric boilers, air conditioners, air source heat pumps, gas wall mounted heaters, electric wall mounted heaters, water heaters and other industrial, commercial and household heating, kitchen and bathroom products, involving 12 categories and more than 100 sub categories.

The company is the R & D and production base of Dutch Semood Group in China.

Relying on the advanced R & D strength and strong technical support in Europe, the company has quickly become the domestic industrial and household full-premixed condensing boiler, wall-mounted furnace adaptive technology application and heating system and kitchen electrical products R & D, production and market leader.

Our Advantages —— Why Choose us
  • Technological

    Relying on the strong technical support of Semood Group, the company is a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise with strong R & D production capacity and high degree of automation.

  • Products

    The products involve 12 major categories and more than 150 specifications.Multi-core security technology, ASC adaptive technology, cloud control technology take you into a new smart home experience.

  • Service

    ● Free door-to-door installation

    ● Warranty: two years for engineering and five years for retail.

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