The wall mounted boiler can not only provide heating, but also provide domestic hot water

  • Date:2021-01-14 17:01:35
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Although the water heater market is multifarious, but also according to the classification, the majority of consumers are familiar with gas water heater, electric water heater, solar water heater, air energy water heater and so on, but the "sixth generation water heater" wall mounted furnace is the blind spot of many consumers. From the functional point of view, the wall hanging furnace belongs to the family heating hot water equipment, which can provide heating for the family and domestic hot water supply at the same time.

There is essential difference between gas-fired wall mounted boiler and gas-fired water heater, but the concept is often confused. The heating mode, production process and technical difficulty of the wall hanging furnace are much higher than those of the gas water heater, and the wall hanging furnace has rich intelligent operation, so as to realize the purpose of personalized temperature regulation and energy saving. Similarly, it has anti freezing protection, anti dry burning protection, accidental flameout protection, over temperature protection, water pump anti blocking protection and other safety protection measures. According to statistics, the use of indoor temperature controller can save 20-28% of the cost of gas. It can be said that the gas wall mounted furnace is a green energy-saving, intelligent and safe household heating and hot water equipment.

Although the wall hanging furnace is imported from Europe, its production technology has made great progress in China. Many creative scientific research achievements have been applied to the R & D and production process of wall hanging furnace. There are many enterprises with wall hanging furnace brand in China, whose production technology is at the forefront of the world. As an industry leader, Foshan Shunde Ruima Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. has been focusing on high-quality household heating and hot water equipment manufacturers. Its Ruima wall mounted furnace is widely recognized by the industry and consumers.

In view of the lack of understanding of the majority of consumers about the wall hanging furnace, Ruima brand introduces on its official website: the wall hanging furnace burns natural gas, heats water at high temperature, and the hot water emits heat energy through the floor heating pipe or radiator, so as to evenly distribute the heat energy to each room, so as to realize the role of heating. At the same time, it will also provide a large number of domestic hot water to meet the needs of users Kitchen, sanitation and other needs.

It is worth mentioning that on the basis of adopting European production standards and combining with China's special installation and use environment, Ruima brand has independently developed the "dual-mode air conditioning" technology, which has become the first in the field of heating and ventilation and has won unanimous praise at home and abroad. Through the ingenious combination of wall mounted furnace and central water chiller, this technology perfectly solves the problems of heating and cooling in cold winter and hot summer. It can not only provide comfortable living environment for the majority of consumers, but also effectively save natural energy.

The reason for the low level of public understanding of wall mounted heaters is the difference in heating methods between Europeans and Chinese people. In Europe, natural gas heating is mainly used. With the transformation of domestic high pollution coal combustion heating mode to clean, safe and efficient natural gas heating mode and the expansion of natural gas pipeline network coverage, the domestic wall hanging furnace industry will usher in the climax of development. It should be noted that while pursuing continuous improvement on products, wall hanging furnace enterprises should also actively carry out publicity and education on wall hanging furnace knowledge, so as to make more consumers realize the uniqueness of wall hanging furnace and gain higher market recognition this time.