Analysis of common problems and solutions in the use of gas wall mounted furnace

  • Date:2021-01-14 11:48:36
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Solution to common problems of gas wall mounted furnace

1. If there is no working reflection and display of wall mounted furnace, check whether the power supply is damaged.

2. Water shortage: first check whether there is water leakage. If it is normal, make up water to the pressure of 0.1-0.12mpa according to the water supplement method in the manual;

3. Lack of gas: first check whether there is natural gas in the gas source. If the gas source is normal, restart the wall mounted furnace according to the operation method. If everything is OK, but the wall mounted furnace still can't work normally, please contact the professional maintenance personnel.

Daily maintenance of gas wall mounted furnace

1. Check the tightness of the waterway, and replace the relevant sealing rings and vulnerable parts.

2. The system pressure should meet the pressure of 0.1-0.12mpa, otherwise, make up water in time.

3. Check the burner and main heat exchanger. If necessary, remove the cleaning nozzle, clean the oxide on the burner, or clean the deposit on the main heat exchanger, so as not to affect the combustion condition and heat exchange efficiency.

4. Check the air tightness of the gas passage, and replace the relevant sealing rings and wearing parts.

5. The expansion tank should be inflated to 0.1MPa.

6. Check whether the smoke exhaust pipe is blocked and clean the smoke exhaust pipe.

7. Check whether the water pump and fan operate normally.

8. Check whether the position of ignition electrode and feedback electrode is correct and adjust them.

How to use gas wall hanging furnace correctly

1. The installation of wall mounted furnace must conform to the specification.

2. The use of wall mounted furnace must be in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

3. The wall mounted furnace should be maintained regularly.

4. Natural gas pipelines should be inspected regularly.

Under normal power supply, the heating time of the water heater is very short

1. Power on without first filling water, install the circuit over temperature protection according to the requirements, fill the water heater with water, and then press the "reset" button of the leakage switch.

2. The temperature sensitive switch reduces the water temperature. If the heating indicator is still not on, replace the thermostat.