Four matching modes of wall mounted furnace heating system

  • Date:2022-02-16 16:09:39
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  Wall mounted furnace heating system not only has powerful heating function, but also provides a large amount of domestic hot water. Users can match floor heating, radiator and other heat dissipation terminals according to their own needs. The following small series will introduce four common household heating systems.

  1. Wall mounted stove and radiator

  Radiator is a very mature family heating method, which is easy to install and can flexibly set independent control switches in various areas. High temperature hot water circulation design, rapid temperature rise, can make the room reach the preset temperature in 30-40 minutes. It is suitable for families with intermittent use and flexible heating.

  2. Wall mounted furnace and floor heating

  The floor heating is based on the whole ground as the radiator, with uniform heat dissipation. The temperature rise of the room is from bottom to top, and the warmth starts from the feet. This heating system fits the physiological regulation mechanism of the human body, is comfortable and healthy, and is especially suitable for families with the elderly and children.

  3. Mixing of wall mounted furnace and radiator / floor heating

  This heating system combines the advantages of floor heating and radiator heating. It not only improves the problem that the effect of radiator heating in large space is not ideal, but also solves the limitation of toilet waterproof layer on floor heating. Flexible collocation makes up for their shortcomings and brings a more comfortable and pleasant home heating experience.

  4. Gas wall mounted boiler and water heating and air conditioning

  It is economical to use water heating and air conditioning to regulate the water temperature of the home. Water heating and air conditioning has fast temperature rise and high thermal efficiency. Using low-temperature hot water above 30 ℃ can keep the room temperature above 20 ℃, and effectively avoid indoor drying and other problems. It is very soft and comfortable.